Latest News:
New design (Rolled Rim) for Bajaj 3 Wheeler, Tvs King, Honda Activa and E Rickshaws will be available by 1.06.2023. Other Products available currently for old 3 Wheeler wheel Rim design.

Product Range

We manufacture products ranging from FUPD Beams to RUPD Beams to Channels to FUPD Brackets to RUPD Brackets
and to Riveted Cross Members.

Our other products ranging from Cross Members to Assy. Bracket Cowl Mtgs to Wheel Rims to Anchor Brackets and to Washers.

We have talented team of engineers, Managers & work force working with us.

We have strict Quality Standards and System to ensure Quality Products.

Cross Members, Tractor parts

Sheet Metal Parts

Electrical Industries

What Our Clients Say

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