To make aware the employees about the Safety Rules applicable to individual working inside factory premises.
To prevent any kind of incident, which may lead to injury, ill health or property damage.
Applicable to all employees working inside BERRY AUTO ANC (P) LTD. LUCKNOW, Works.
Concerned area In-Charge/Front line Managers/Supervisor/Individual
Every body is responsible for his own safety as well as for the work that will make others unsafe.
Every body should know the safety rules & correct use of the safety equipments.
Close attention to be given to work to avoid unsafe acts & practices.
No child labour (Below the age group of 18 yrs) is allowed to work inside the factory premises.
Shortcut or chance should not be taken.
Applicable to all employees working inside BERRY AUTO ANC (P) LTD. LUCKNOW, Works.
Work areas are to be cleaned before commencement & at the end of the duty.
Any unsafe condition detected should be informed to the concerned supervisors for necessary rectification.
Smoking and eating is not allowed at work place.
Applicable to all employees working inside BERRY AUTO ANC (P) LTD. LUCKNOW, Works.
Use of Mobile phone & audio equipment at work place is prohibited.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs, strictly forbidden any where in the factory premises.
Rolling of compressed gas cylinders on ground is not allowed. Suitable trolley for transportation of cylinders to be used.
Use of domestic LPG gas cylinder is not allowed inside factory premises.
Work on powered equipments shall not be carried out until it is assured that the same equipment has been disconnected.
Trip hazards are to be watched out always, when walking at work place.
Hand rails to be used when climbing stairs.
Compressed air should not be used to clean clothes or body parts.
Horseplay is not allowed at work place.
Use of safety helmet, shoes & uniform is mandatory
Site visitors must be escorted & use visitors helmet. Visit in restricted areas are prohibited.
Wilfully interference or misuse of any equipment or other things provided at site for securing safety, health & welfare of the worker by unauthorized employees are restricted .
Wilfully & without any reasonable cause no employee is allowed to do any thing which will likely endanger himself or other.
Wilfully negligence in use of PPEs provided for the purpose of securing safety or health of employees is not allowed.
Traffic rules & signals to be obeyed.
More than two persons are not allowed on a two wheeler.
Helmet is compulsory for rider along with the pillion of a two wheeler.
All contract employees should have photo Identity card with date of birth & blood group mentioned
Before starting of any work suitable work permit to be obtained from concerned in charge.
Contractors & vendors are required to bring PPEs on their own as per work requirements.